Intersection of Past and Present: Alumni Remember Stories the School on the Eve of its Destruction

Kate Overbey, Writer


As the building comes down, the bricks are not the only things being removed. Each section of this school holds memories for current students as well as for alumni.

Kane smiles at graduation, happy to be moving on but sad to be leaving Mariemont behind. PHOTO BY KANE)

Fiona Kane, a 2017 Mariemont graduate and current Clemson Tiger, loves the old building despite its quirks.

“I love the high school. I love old buildings, I love how it has character and everyone knows the stories of why certain things are broken or why certain stairs creak,” said Kane.

Kane also loves special places in the school, primarily where she napped, but also places where she met new friends and built relationships.

“My favorite memories generally surround the pool, especially the girl’s locker room before practice. That’s where I bonded with the other girls and made some great friends,” said Kane.

Another student’s favorite memories of the school also revolve around the athletic facilities, but not for exercise. A 2016 graduate of MHS, Sarah Morgan remembers eating lunch outside on sunny days.

“My best memory of the school building is eating lunch with friends on the football field during senior lunch,” said Morgan.

Wilson and Co.’s work with the mural still stands though no for long. (PHOTO BY OVERBEY)

Alex Wilson graduated in 2018, and his favorite memory — the collaboration space mural — still stands, despite its imminent doom with the construction of the new school.

“In terms of the building itself, I really loved painting that mural up by the auditorium with art club because it was such a collaborative effort,” said Wilson, now a student freshman at Vassar College. “It makes me feel like I’ve left such an imprint on this space that I’ve spent so much time in.”

Colgate Student Mysogland is loving college but misses her mom. (PHOTO BY MYSOGLAND)

Molly Mysogland, one of Wilson’s classmates and a Colgate freshman, favorite memories also revolve around the arts.

“My favorite memories are being backstage in the band room during the spring musicals — playing piano and goofing around trying to be quiet to not get in trouble or disturb the show,” said Mysogland.

Mysogland remembers Sound of Music backstage comradery. (PHOTO BY MYSOGLAND)

Mysogland also holds the history department dear. She remembers being in AP United States History during the spring or fall when Mr. Hanley would have his window open, and sneaking out of Mrs. Leatherwood’s window to steal Hanley’s snacks that he kept by his desk.

Like Mysogland, Kane loves Mrs. Leatherwood’s room and the memories that it holds.

Kane supports friend Emily Ferguson at Senior year football game. PHOTO BY KANE)

Kane said, “I also have a real soft spot for Mrs. Leatherwood’s room. I took two classes in there and always just loved the feel of that room, and enjoyed occasional pop-ins from Vanags and Hanley.”

While it may be the history wing for some, a number of current students and alumni love the library — space for all to congregate.

“The most fun I’ve had in any one part of the building is the upper library because a lot of my friends took programming,” said Nick McCarthy, a 2018 graduate. “Also all the seniors that took AP Chemistry would hang out there 6th bell before we left for Indian Hill.”

McCarthy stands with Alex Copetas and Zach Weinland all sporting their future college wear. (PHOTO BY MCCARTHY)

Whether it be arts, athletics, or academics, the alumni of Mariemont High School certainly have some stories to tell about the many nooks and crannies of this building.

Kane remembers one day during the a swim clinic, where Coach Kevin Maness brought the girls into the wrestling room and set them loose.

“We climbed inside of the rolled up mats, and rolled around like sushi rolls,” said Kane. “Probably not allowed and probably super gross and smelly, but it was really fun.”

Jack Mathis, a 2017 graduate who is now a student at Dartmouth, remembers his last day in the building.

“One of the best memories was the seniors last day of school when we all met outside the locker bays and blared music with Mr. Block during class,” said Mathis. “Spending times like this with members of my class in and out of class made the building memorable to me.”