FAQs for a new year and a new school


Olivia Simpson

A senior pulls into their school…now a construction zone. 

A junior runs to their first bell class…across the parking lot. 

A sophomore walks up the crowded steps…wondering what that might be like in a rainstorm. 

A freshman walks the halls of the auxiliary gym to their first high school course….taught completely with iPads. 

With Mariemont High School seemingly flipped on its head, the student body has many questions and concerns about what is to come. 

Construction workers work on phase 2 of the 3-phase process. (PHOTO BY George Koehler)

Question: How will we deal with the weather?


Contrary to what some may believe, you do not  have to make a run for it when bad weather hits. 

All students will remain in their classes. Administration will make an announcement once the weather passes.

Students will not have the luxury of overhead covers this year when switching classes. Dr.Renner said, “Purchasing the covers would not be in our best interest because what we spend on covers, is money we can’t spend on the new building.”  

“High school students will be in college in four years or less where they will be walking between classes outside,” he said, “so it’s not going to be that different.”  According to Renner, this gives students a chance to experience a little bit of college life.

The administration plans to use “good judgement” when making decisions on weather. Snow days will be calculated based on ice and snow accumulation, as well as temperature. 

When making a snow day decision, the administration will assess the conditions of the senior lot driveway first, along with the stairs to the modulars. Throughout the winter, salt will be spread generously on the stairs and the driveway.

Winter weather could potentially halt construction timing, but, as of now, construction is running on schedule. 

The ramp that leads to the senior lot is the first place that administration will look when determining snow days (PHOTO BY Olivia Simpson)

Question: Will all High School Students be given iPads next year? 


There isn’t a clear answer…yet.

A decision is going to be made about what technology will be issued to incoming students. This decision will include everything, from which device will be used (most likely iPads or MacBooks) and whether present juniors and sophomores will be given the decided device. 

But, as of right now, it seems that the juniors and sophomores will make it out with their personal devices in hand. Dr. Renner has stated that he’s “not going to force seniors to use iPads,” and that they will be allowed the device that they’ve been using since junior high.

Freshmen using their iPads in the newly created Spanish room in the auxiliary gym (PHOTO BY Olivia Simpson)

Question: Will the building of the new high school take longer than previously expected?


The construction of the new school is on track. The building process for the school is a two year process, yet in the two years planned are three “phases.” 

The three phases are

  • Phase 1: Planning/Demolition
  • Phase 2: Building of the majority of the building (Finish the Roof)
  • Phase 3: Finalization

Currently Mariemont High School is in phase two of its three phase plan. 

While it seems that the end of the two year process may overlap with the 2020-2021 school year, phase two will hopefully be finished by then and the final touches for the new building will be getting finished!

Question: Is the newly added driveway only for the construction process? Or will it be accessible for the students?


The newly added driveway (across the Promenade) will be used for the new high school after construction and will provide a way to clear the traffic out of the High School after school, football games, concerts, etc. by allowing two entry points for traffic into the new school.

Currently there is a telephone pole used for the lights at the intersection in the middle of the new driveway for the school. This will be taken out before the driveway is opened to the public, after construction.

Question: Can I have a locker if I’m not a Freshman?


All Freshman were assigned a locker. Upperclassmen can rent a locker by bringing in $5 to the front office and asking for one, and you will be given a locker.

Question: What will happen to the lockers in the future? 


The plan currently, according to Dr.Renner, is to only keep 100 lockers and get rid of the rest. The reason for this is that most students never even use their lockers. When a 100 random students were asked if they use their locker only 5 out of the 100 said they did. It is important to say that the people who do use their lockers are sure they need one, “I love my locker!” Zoey Drexel said when other students said lockers are useless.

The freshman lockers are located to the left of the current library. (PHOTO BY Lorelei Blackett)