Introducing the New Staff

Josie Holt


New faces and new edifices have been seen this year at Mariemont High School. Along with the new building, three additions to the staff have been made. Two new science teachers, Mr. Murphy and Mrs. MacLeod, as well as a new A/V technician, Mr. Jones. We were able to catch up with a couple of the new staff members.

Photo of Brandon Murphy (PHOTO FROM Mariemont Instagram)

This is Mr. Murphy’s first year teaching as a recent graduate from Mount St. Joseph University. He’s excited to be a part of the Mariemont family, and enjoys the energy of students and staff working together. He says that Covid-19 has greatly impacted his energetic, fluid teaching style. But he knows “we are all learning together.” Mr. Murphy says he’s looking forward to “getting to know everyone and [he] looks forward to building those relationships over the years.”

Photo of Noah Jones (PHOTO FROM Mariemont Staff Website)

Mr. Jones, the new A/V technician, is excited to be of help to the staff and students. Even though he hasn’t interacted with many students as of yet, the ones he has talked to have been kind and he’s excited to meet more. Before coming to Mariemont, he was a reporter for six years. He was used to the hustle of that job but is excited to focus on projects and be in a calmer environment. He said “I am hopeful to make friends here amongst the staff and hope others think I am making a difference here.”