The Madison Place: A Review

The Madison Place: A Review

Josie Holt, Writer


Entering the room you see rich, dark furniture of all shapes and baristas running around behind a dark wood bar cluttered with steamers and canisters. 

You may not know about a curious new coffee place only minutes away. But The Madison Place, located on Plainville Road, having only opened in September, has already become a hub of community activity. 

The first room contains regular tables, high tops, and booths to give it a casual coffee shop feel. However the next room boasts comfy chairs,couches, and a whole grand piano, free for the virtuosos to play upon asking for permission. Beyond the piano are wicker settees and chairs basking in the grand windows. Not to mention shelves of books and board games for any customer to peruse. 

But what really matters is the coffee. Is it better than some “local” places? Is it reasonably priced? I’ve been to quite a couple coffee places. Some were small, some were large chains, The Madison Place is right in the middle.

I ordered an iced coffee, and asked about their milk alternatives, they only have oat milk, but they assured me it is creamy and delicious so I gave them my trust. It was made on the spot, and only cost me $3.45.

I also ordered the bailey, a breakfast sandwich with bacon, eggs, cheese, mayo all on ciabatta bread. It took about 5 minutes for the sandwich to be ready, and it was brought to the table I was sitting at. The ciabatta was warm and crusty, the egg was perfectly cooked and the bacon was crispy. Personally, I believe the mayo wasn’t really necessary. The coffee was deep and rich, strong and not extremely bitter. The oat milk was better than I expected, and I would definitely recommend it to someone fond of alternative milks. 

Overall, I think Madison Place is a welcome addition to the area. It’s inviting, the staff is kind and comprehensive. The barista asked the right questions to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. It seems like a great place to study and get general work done, or to hang out with friends, and their food and drink definitely compliment the whole experience.