Girls Cross Country 2020 Recap


Team at CHL meet (PHOTO FROM @micheletrault instagram)

Olivia Simpson, Writer


Although their season looked different this year, Girls Cross Country had a successful season. 

The team had multiple members placed in the top 20 of the CHL. Lily Bauer placed 1st (with a time of 18:51), Grace Mavridoglu placed 11th (time of 21:12), Kiersten Souders placed 12th (time of 21:19), Bridget Gilmore placed 14th (time of 21:25), Elyse Kelly placed 17th (time of 21:44), and Haley Zuckerberg placed 18th (time of 21:47). 

Beyond individual successes, the team was able to come together and form close bonds. Hailey Zobrist, Senior Captain, said, “this season has been one of the most fun seasons because we have so many different personalities on the team.” 

The team came together through the difficulties of COVID. It not only limited the amount of meets they participated in, but COVID also changed the dynamics of the meets. During the meet, according to Zobrist, ”We are not allowed to cheer on the people in the other races; we have to leave right after our race.” 

Lily Bauer, Alexa DeCamp, Bridget Gilmore, Haley Zuckerberg, Natalie Kubicki, Kiersten Souders, and Jessica Beeler will compete in districts Saturday, Oct. 24th.