Football 2020 Recap


Olivia Simpson


Football didn’t have the best start to their season, with a 6-3 regular season record. However, they have truly proven themselves in the postseason tournament, and have become the first Mariemont team to win a playoff game since 2006 and the first team to win the first two since 1995.  

Andrew Glassmeyer, Senior Quarterback, described the season so far. He said, “This season has been amazing; what we have done with all the adversity we faced has been so rewarding and it couldn’t have happened to a better group of guys.”

Certain team members have stood out in the CHL in their positions. Those include: Andrew Glassmeyer 1st in CHL for passing yards (1362 yards), Seth Greene 3rd for rushing yards (621 yards), Max Megowen 5th for receiving yards (325 yards), Jack Milhelm 2nd for sacks (5.5), and Jeb Lindell 1st for fumbles recovered (3). 

Glassmeyer credits their success in part to the impact of the Coronavirus. He said, “It made us treat every day like it may be our last day putting on the pads, and I think COVID actually caused us to work harder because we knew how bad we wanted it.”

The team beat Purcell Marian (31-8) on Sat., Oct. 24th. They will go up against Springfield Shawnee (#7 seed) on Sat., Oct. 31st in the regional semi-finals.