The Blueprint



The Blueprint is the collaborative effort of the entire Mariemont High School student body, all who help share both facts and opinions on student life and student issues here at MHS. To help manage and more readily contribute to The Blueprint, however, a team of students impassioned by journalism make up the official staff for the site.


Current Staff

Erin O’Donnell | Class of 2024

Grace McCloskey | Class of 2024

Colin Mikesell | Class of 2024

Sam Parker | Class of 2024

Trevor Mart | Class of 2025

Audrey Zelinski | Class of 2025


Former Staff

Luke Brennamen | Class of 2023

Mia Ramundo | Class of 2023

Theo Jones | Class of 2023

Drake Fiorenza | Class of 2022


Cricket Collister | Class of 2022

Cricket Collister


Natalee Shriver | Class of 2022


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