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McKenzie Zobrist



After highschool…

After highschool I plan to attend college (I’m not sure which university yet). I want to study communications and/or, more specifically, journalism. I’ve had a passion for writing and telling people’s stories ever since I can remember. I want to continue that into my career.

What I Do

I have the privilege of being Editor-in-Chief this year. I am also involved in lacrosse, the National Honor Society, Service Projects Abroad, AFS, Key Club, and Spanish club. I also work at 50 West. I’m interested in the world at large, and the similarities and differences between societies and cultures. Exploring and traveling is a big part of my life. You can read more about my experiences and travels on my blog ZZZZ’s the Day.

Why Warpath

I chose the Warpath because I have a passion for journalism and photography. I enjoy exploring and learning and listening to people’s stories. I believe that the world is changing, and that we all have a chance to make a difference--big or small. By writing for Warpath, I have the privilege of telling the Mariemont story, but it’s so much larger than that; I get to learn about the people and events of our community, and report it to you, for your knowledge.

Interesting Fact

I’ve stood about 500 meters from the volcano, Stromboli, exploding (after climbing 930 meters to its summit).

Best Advice

Don’t be afraid to try something new--who knows, you may like it!

Favorite Movie/TV Show

Top Gun/How I Met Your Mother

Favorite Book

The Rainbow Fish by J. Alison James

Favorite Snack/Cereal

Apple slices and honey (trust me on this one)

Other/ Recommendations

Don’t be afraid to be outgoing. Chase your dreams and go after what you want, or else it won’t ever come to you.

McKenzie Zobrist, Editor-in-Chief

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McKenzie Zobrist