The Tiers

Cricket Collister


As Mariemont high school students go back to school, the district has developed a “tier system”, consisting of three different tiers. 

Tier three is when all facilities are closed, and no one is allowed in the buildings. Tier two is a hybrid mix, having two groups, blue and gold. Blue group goes in the beginning of the week, and gold in the end, and each group rotates going every other Wednesday. Tier one is when all students go back, excluding the online warriors.

The district will transition into tier one starting Monday, September 14th. 

Entering the first week of school, Hamilton county was in yellow, so it was safe for us to be in tier one. However, the district decided to start in tier two. 

Every two weeks, the superintendent makes an announcement about whether we will stay in the current tier or change. This is based on a variety of factors. Tiers are decided by local and county cases, with each tier having precautions. A larger impact of the decision will be what’s happening within the individual communities of Mariemont, Fairfax and Terrace Park. Size and population are also involved in this choice. 

No matter the tier, the online warriors will stay at home, zooming, despite the changes in school. 

As the pandemic continues, it can be a time of extreme stress. Some worry that going all back might make things worse.

 Junior Ally Frye says, “I’m excited but also scared somethings gonna go wrong and everything will shut down again.” 

Others are excited for the new shift, such as Junior, Lizzie Feeney. “I’m so excited for tier one,” Feeney says, “I’m pretty bad at online school.”