Who Are Actually The Best Mario Kart Characters?


Yoshi the dinosaur, popular and cute Mario Kart character.

Natalee Shriver, Writer


Mario Kart is easily one of the most fun and exciting games to play. However, there’s always one important question to think about… What character do you play with? If you’re a super competitive player and want to win those races, these characters are scientifically proven to be the best (or worst) Mario Kart Characters . 

Speed is not the only good quality when it comes to finding the perfect racer. There are 5 stats that you should consider before choosing the right character: speed, character weight, acceleration, traction, and mini-turbo. The chart below shows the total points each character has per stat. 


Data table analyzing character stats. The scale for each is out of five. The higher the total number is, the better overall racer a character is. (Source: Nintendolife.com)

All of the Mario Kart characters are pretty evenly skilled, but some are better than the others. According to the data above, Koopa Troopa, Lakitu, and Bowser Jr.  are the most all around talented characters with the highest total of 21.75 total points. If you’re looking to win, your best bet is with these characters.                                                                                        

The worst Mario Kart players are those with a heavier weight (Bowser,Wario, Donkey Kong, Roy, and Morton). This is because, despite their faster speeds, they have poor acceleration due to their size; that means they won’t go as fast when you get a special item from an Item Box.

 But what if your favorite character isn’t one of the best? It’s perfectly okay to play with them. A helpful tip to increase your chances of getting 1st place is to find what vehicle works best for that certain Mario Kart Racer. 

For example, if your favorite character is Yoshi, avid gamers on Gamespot’s website believe that “ the Classic Dragster” pairs well with him, or the Dolphin Dasher because Yoshi’s “boost [mini turbo] stat increases with that bike” 

In the end, it doesn’t matter what character you play with. It’s what is the most fun for you. But if winning is your version of fun, then you should consider choosing one of these racers next time you play Mario Kart.