How One Meme Turned Into 1.8 Million usd

How One Meme Turned Into 1.8 Million usd


On January 20th, now President Joe Biden was sworn in, but not long after, it was overshadowed by the now global meme of Bernie Sanders. 

With a vibrant pair of mittens, bought from school teacher Jen Ellis in Vermont, and viral photos, Sanders instantly became a hit for his seemingly upset demeanor and the placement of his mittens. 

From the steadily climbing success and tremendous amount of tweets, posts, and Snapchat‘s, Sanders took action.

Sanders immediately started the sale and distribution of what he calls, “Chairman Sanders” crewnecks showing off the iconic meme, selling for $45 USD. Within minutes all units were sold out. With the roughly $1.8 million raised from this, Sanders distributed all profits to Vermont Meals on Wheels.