Spring Sports Begin Again


Girls lacrosse playing on February 28th (PHOTO FROM LYONS)

McKenzie Zobrist, Writer


Almost a year from nationwide school closures due to COVID-19, Mariemont spring sports are beginning where they left off. Senior baseball player Andrew Glassmeyer said, “We all have some bitter feelings because of our season getting canceled last year, so we are all very eager to get on the field.”

Senior baseball player Bryan Miller added, “With it being my senior year, and last baseball season, I look at this season as ‘The Last Dance’ of my baseball journey– one last chance to leave an impact on the game I love so much.”

After missing a year of games, teams are grateful for their opportunities this year. Miller said, “I’ve felt more of a sense of gratitude this year compared to last, missing last season made me more grateful for being able to play baseball, so there’s no reason to take anything for granted.”

Senior lacrosse player Lucy Dodson said, “I am nothing but optimistic about this season. I am excited to see where I play and hopeful that we will do well enough to make it to state.”

The overarching goal of every team seems to be winning state or the CHL. 

Senior lacrosse player Abbie Lyons said, “As a team, I am really looking forward to games and hopefully winning state.” She added, “The team plans to approach this season strong and eager for wins.”

Senior boys tennis player Luke Laite explained, “Let’s make the most of it, because it will be my last tennis season ever.”

Lily Tetrault, senior softball player, added, “This season has been incredible considering last season we didn’t have one, and the current seniors all really stepped up and some of our juniors as well.”

More than anything, seniors are preparing for their last high school spring season, and leaving their legacies behind. Multiple seniors shared their advice for the upcoming senior class:

Chloe Telgkamp (Girls Lacrosse): My advice to upcoming seniors is get to know the underclassmen and try your best to connect with them before the first day of practice. While you want to push everyone, you don’t want to come off too hard. My one main tip is, to make sure you are balancing your leadership and role as a senior on the team; meaning be there if they need someone to talk to, but also make sure they are getting ready for the season. 

Andrew Glassmeyer (Baseball): I would say don’t have an ego, egos are what kills team chemistry so even if you know you are the best player don’t act like it.

Bryan Miller (Baseball): Spend as much time with your teammates as you can, you don’t necessarily have to be best friends with them, but the time you spend outside of baseball is just as valuable as practice time.

Lily Tetrault (Softball): I believe next year will also be a smooth transition of leadership with the class of 2022!

Lucy Dodson (Girls Lacrosse): I would just say to enjoy it and to not think too much about the decisions that the coaches make because in the end you are making relationships that can’t be made anywhere else. Having a team as close as this one is the best feeling.

Luke Laite (Boys Tennis): Don’t take yourself too seriously, and don’t be too hard on yourself.

Abbie Lyons (Girls Lacrosse): Team chemistry has a huge role in how we play on the field. Also, positivity spreads throughout the whole team so I want to keep that vibe within the team.