Music You Should Be Listening To: Del Water Gap


Cricket Collister

     Del Water Gap is the solo project of singer-songwriter S. Holden Jaffe. When first listening to Del Water Gap, its intimacy sets it apart from other musicians. The explanation of this is Jaffe’s involvement in every step of the way: song writing, producing and singing. The transition from Del Water Gap as a band into a solo project was smooth and seamless, with the sound staying similar. The name Del Water Gap comes from a sign Jaffe used to see for the Delaware Water Gap. He kept it in his iPhone notes, and decided on the name as a teenager. On October 8th of this year, the debut self-titled album “Del Water Gap ” was released. This album is fantastic from beginning to end. Following this release, Del Water Gap celebrated with a North American tour of 20 dates. 

     On October 11th, I attended the Columbus Show at The Basement. This venue has a capacity of only 350 people; so the show was incredibly intimate. Some artists lack the stage presence to completely entertain a crowd, but seeing Del Water Gap was different. Although it may be a one man act, the band and Jaffe came together to give an incredible performance. I highly encourage you to listen to Del Water Gap; the show and the new album are fantastic.