Homecoming Floats 2022

Grace McCloskey

It’s homecoming week at Mariemont High School, and float building is in full swing! Each high school class has picked a movie to model their floats after. This year, nostalgic and iconic movies have been the popular choices: Top Gun Maverick, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Jaws, and Jurassic Park.

With the theme of movies, class presidents are sure to make an impression this year. Senior Class President, Caroline Soller commented that Top Gun is particularly relevant. Her class took inspiration from the release of Top Gun Maverick and its popularity. Colin Mikesell, Junior Class President, made a similar statement about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, “the chocolate fountain is iconic.” He’s sure the Junior Class float will make an impression to float viewers since it’s “eye capturing.” Olivia Karlson, Sophomore Class President, said that Jaws is “fun and well known.” The movie seemed to be an obvious choice to her. In usual fashion, the freshman class had the last pick, leaving them to choose Jurassic Park.

Float building is a major factor to the success of the float. Each class works to build their floats to be a possible winner. Caroline described the senior class float building as “good.” She’s proud to say the senior float has a few big factors that standout. Collin said the junior float building has been “non-stop.” He explained the process of his meetings with his class officers to decide a float plan. He was pleased to say that the junior float has gone to plan. Karslon, who hosted her class float building,  elaborated that the sophomore class has seen “waves of people” to help with their class float. Students who stopped by helped with painting and building. Freshmen Class President Paxton Fraley highlighted that collaboration was key to float building. He explained their building process started with building the base, adding chicken wire and paper mache, and ending with painting.

Class presidents all around are confident about their class floats. Soller said she’s “pretty confident.” She thinks that the senior class float is impressive and has a boost with the popularity of Top Gun. Mikesell said he was satisfied with his class’s product. He doesn’t think the junior class will win due to tradition of seniors winning, but is “satisfied with the turnout.” Olivia is very confident in the sophomore class float, saying how well the float has come together and expressing excitement about the other float: “It’s been great, lots of support.” Fraley was confident in his class float too due to their stand out factor.

Good luck Warriors and may the best float win!