Sophomore Speculative Fiction Winners 2020

Megan Kromer


About a month ago, Mr. Wiseman’s sophomore honors students were asked to write a story inspired by their whole-class read, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut.

The assignment was to write short stories that were futuristic, exciting, speculative (“What if…,” “If this continues…”) and out of the ordinary, similar to the class-read pieces.  The stories include epigrams, allusions, and other elements present in Bradbury’s and Vonnegut’s pieces.

Below are the winners of the Speculative Fiction assignment. These students’ stories were voted the best in the class by their peers because of their unique and powerful writing as well as their ability to connect back to Fahrenheit 451 and “Harrison Bergeron.”


1st Place:  “Who Am I” by Snow White (Xander Stigall)

2nd Place:  “Split of Faith” by Manny Hefley (Drake Fiorenza)

3rd Place: “A Murder Warning” by Daisy Finch (Bridget Gilmore)

and  “I Don’t Know Anyone” by Kanye West (Lucy Jacobs)