Muckraker Articles by Mr.Hanley’s Class


Mr. Hanley’s 2nd bell CPUSH (united states history) class holding their Muckraker articles (PHOTO BY MIKE HANLEY)

McKenzie Zobrist

Last month, students in Mr Hanleys junior US History class wrote investigative journal articles about modern global issues. These articles Mirrored the early 1900 “muckraker” journalists who unearthed societal issues like immigrant living conditions and unsanitary factory standards. Students Abbie Lyons, Jonah Mikesell, Ellie Trubisky, Cali Curro, Nick Kohlman & Catsy Steele were chosen from amongst 75 students based on their research and originality.


America is Eating Itself to Death

By Jonah Mikesell







Lyons Letters

By Abbie Lyons








Tech News 

By Nick Kholman







The Daily Newsletter

By Catsy Steele








Curro Times

By Cali Curro