Bowling 2021-21 Season Recap


Members of the bowling team during their Senior Match (Left to Right: Zachary Dutro, Michele Tetrault, and Ryan Stahl) (PHOTO FROM @micheletrault)


Although the Bowling teams didn’t have the best season record-wise, they were truly able to come together as a team, even with COVID complications. 

Senior Michele Tetrault mentioned that she “and Ashley [Faulkner] both got Second-Team! [They] both tried [their] best and so did the rest of the team!” 

The team did all of this with a limited amount of practices and matches, due to problems caused by COVID. Tetrault said, “we did good, but we definitely could have done better but we also didn’t have a ton of practices to help for matches.” [sic]

Overall, the girls were fourth in the CHL (2-6 league record and 3-10 overall) and the boys were sixth (2-8 league record and 7-8 overall). 

A couple of boys placed in the CHL: Sammy Henkel, second in CHL (average score of 197.3) and Zamir Thomas, sixth in CHL (average score 178.7)