Weekly Profile: Ms. McRae



Piper George

Welcome to Mariemont High School’s weekly profile!

This week’s profile is a well known and loved member of the high school staff. This is her first year teaching at Mariemont and she has already made a large impact on the students. According to Boden Gall and Max Marquez, Ms. McRae is a hands-on teacher that focuses on helping her students get through each problem with complete understanding. Furthermore, students Caitlin Bortz and Alexa Decamp say that she makes math “a fun and interesting class” and that “due to her young age, she can relate to and help her students.”

Ms. McRae graduated from University of Cincinnati where she earned three degrees in Math, Education, and Spanish. She also received her undergraduate degree at UC. When asked about what made her want to become a teacher, she recalled an influential math teacher she had during her junior year at Wyoming High School. She expressed that this teacher “was very friendly and made math approachable as well as fun.” This teacher heavily influenced her teaching style and goals for the coming years.

Prior to teaching at Mariemont, Ms. McRae taught 8th grade math at Walnut hills, as well as 7th grade math at Princeton. This is her first year teaching high school. During her short time so far at Mariemont, she has felt that all of the students are extremely respectful and kind to her. She loves being greeted at the beginning of every class and hearing “thank you”’s as her students leave for their next bell. She expresses that this is a big difference compared to the prior schools she taught at.

Outside of the classroom, Ms. McRae enjoys cooking and baking almost every night. She prides herself for making ratatouille, which has been her favorite cooked meal. Ms.McRae never fails to show school spirit outside the class. She goes to almost every football game and proudly wears blue and gold.

When asked about goals for the rest of the school year, she hopes that things will continue as they are now. She expressed that her time at Mariemont has been off to an amazing start. She hopes to keep her students focused and not overwhelmed. Thank you for reading, see you next week!