Weekly Profile: Ms. Spooner


PHOTO FROM: Jane Spooner

Piper George

In this week’s profile, we are moving from the math department to the art department. As a former student and now teacher at Mariemont High School, Ms. Spooner shared with me some of her academic and personal aspects. As a 2016 graduate, she has been with Mariemont for many years and has many experiences to share. 


When Ms. Spooner was in high school, Mrs. Lair was an art teacher that greatly inspired her. One year, Mrs. Lair grew ill and took time off of school. Ms. Spooner took the liberty to take control of the classroom and helped many students in her art class. When Mrs. Lair returned, she asked Ms. Spooner if she ever considered becoming an art teacher, and at that moment Mrs. Spooner knew her aspirations. 

Prior to teaching at Mariemont High School, she taught at the elementary and middle school level. She was also a long term substitute for Indian Hill. Ms. Spooner doesn’t teach just art; she taught Math, English, STEM, and Gym in Thailand for 3rd and 4th graders. She also taught for one year at Milford Elementary School. 

Ms. Spooner has been doing art for as long as she can remember. Now being a teacher, she has experienced changes in the Mariemont School District. She says that the main difference between being an art student at Mariemont and now being an art teacher here, is that the art room is much more organized. The new building has allowed the art department to expand and become much more clean.

At Mariemont, Ms. Spooner is known as a bubbly, passionate teacher to all the students. According to Ryder Osgood, Spooner is “a nice and considerate teacher”. Furthermore, Junior Sophia Hunt shared that, “she is very understanding and supportive of whatever path students want to follow. She creates good connections with all of her students and gets to know them as much as she can.”

In her free time she likes to hang out with her dog Arnold. Arnold is a lab pointer mix and according to Ms. Spooner, he’s got some attitude. Just recently, Ms. Spooner got engaged to her now fiancé, Ed. Congrats Ms. Spooner! Stay posted for next week’s profile.