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PHOTO FROM: Mariemont High School Website

Drake Fiorenza

It’s about time. Mariemont High School is ready to present the 2021 Fall Play this weekend. Cast and crew are spreading the word. Excitement is growing as the countdown inches closer to the opening show. As the weather begins to turn, a lovely warm theatre is just what feels natural to escape the cold. The seats of the new Mariemont auditorium are waiting in anticipation to be filled with guests. An early peek into the auditorium displays a stage decorated for a show and a cast eager to show the result of their hard work. 

Opening on Friday, November 19th, showing through the weekend of the 20th and 21st, Clue will run once per day. 

Playtimes are: 

November 19th, 7:00 pm

November 20th, 7:00 pm

November 21st, 1:00 pm


Tickets will be exclusively sold online. No tickets at the door

This information is straight from the Mariemont High School Website. Two members involved in Clue, Benny Mitchell (Cast Member) and Jerry O’Hara (Stage Manager), confirmed this. If you wish to attend the play, tickets must be bought online ahead of time. Tickets are $5 for students and seniors(62+) and $10 for adults. With no restrictions on seating this year, expect a full house. Be sure to order tickets as fast as possible!

Link: http://mariemonths.seatyourself.biz.

The Clue script is a relatively recent creation; Mariemont High School has not shown this play before. The opening show will be the first occasion that Clue has been presented in the Mariemont auditorium. Benny Mitchell, acting as the character Wadsworth the Butler, had only great praise for the upcoming show. In relation to the script, Benny felt, “Glad that we have the opportunity to work with such a high-quality script.” Benny Mitchell has acted in the play of Clue previously at the Cincinnati Children’s Theater but feels just as excited for his second opportunity. Benny stated, “The large cast will do a great job making the script feel organic. The cast and crew in this show have great relations, and many planned technical elements will add some exciting flair to the show. Overall I’m excited to work with a phenomenal script.” With information floating around the school that this show will be quite impressive, one can only wish to be a part of the audience to witness such a great show. The crew has stated that the show will be around 90 minutes overall. With preparations coming to a close, the 2021 Fall Play is near the point of the opening day. With posters and signs all around the school, the time feels right to sit in a theater and finish off Autumn with a show.