Mariemont Athletic Trainer Moves On


Luke Brennaman

News broke early this week in Mariemont High School that longtime athletic trainer Jeremy Sipes is hanging up the medical kit. Sipes has been a student favorite throughout his seven years in the training room. He plans on taking the next step in his career moving to the Mercy Health Clinic working as a physician extender. 

Known by many as Jeremy, he calls his time at Mariemont “nothing short of amazing.” Jeremy’s time at Mariemont was filled with athletic success. His hand may feel a little heavier on the way out as he will be leaving with 5 state championship rings with a sixth still on the way. Something Jeremy will always cherish is “watching all of the young athletes grow and come back and see me and talk about how I have helped them in some way.” 

Jeremy was involved inside of our community both athletically and socially. He appreciates all the parents who were so good to him over the years. Athletic trainers “work a thankless job and being here the athletes, parents and staff remind you how much I was appreciated every year.” Jeremy mentioned the “relationships I’ve made here will be ones I’ll cherish for a lifetime.”

The Sipes family has even bigger things coming than just a new job. Jeremy and his wife have a baby girl on the way and want to spend more quality time together until their life turns into “a hot mess of diapers and parenting.” Working at the clinic also provides better hours for his plan to earn his MBA and graduate next spring in order to pursue more opportunities. 

This was not an easy decision whatsoever for Jeremy and his family. Mariemont has been a special place for him and leaving here “was the second hardest decision besides leaving the military that I have ever had to make.”

The athletes of Mariemont High School will severely miss one of the best trainers around. Whether it was a simple tape or a torn ACL Jeremy Sipes has provided tremendous support to the athletes in our community. When asking Jeremy about his time here he wanted to leave a special message for all of the students, staff, and parents:


Mariemont Athletes,


It has been an absolute honor to serve as your Athletic trainer these last seven years. I will always be grateful for the years spent here with you. I will cherish all the memories here, the good and the bad.  It was definitely one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make to leave the school. I am proud of each and everyone of you, and I hope you take in the next Athletic Trainer as you did myself seven short years ago. I wish you all the very best in your seasons and your future endeavors. The heart of the warrior runs within each one of you. Continue to strive for greatness that I know you all are compatible of achieving. Hold no doubt you’re the best and you will succeed. 




Jeremy Sipes