Lily Bauer: The Runner No One Saw Coming


Bauer running head to head in the Kings meet on September September 24. (PHOTO by McKenzie Zobrist)

McKenzie Zobrist


Once overlooked, but now a key part of the team, Freshman Lily Bauer intends to win CHLs with a sub 18-minute, 20-second time.  She plans place at least top 10 in Division II State finals. 

The girls cross country team is expected to go to State for the first time in 10 years with the addition of the class of 2023.

Bauer began running competitively four years ago, and has since improved her skills. She has placed top 5 in every meet this year with a personal record time of 18:34 for a 3.1 mile race, about a consistent 6-minute mile. 

In 2015, the year she began running competitively, Bauer grew frustrated with her performance.  “There was this girl on my team in sixth grade who was a year older than me. She won every race, and I was always second on the team, and I just always felt like people looked past my running.” This frustration drove her determination.

In middle school, Bauer’s race pace was under 6 minutes per mile–11:07 for 2 miles. Her best race this year was the Milford meet on September 14 where she placed 1st and beat the runner-up by 30 seconds. 

“Don’t compare yourself to other people,” she said. “Once I stopped comparing myself to that girl, I started beating her consistently.”

Bauer trains 6 days a week including a meet on Saturdays when she is in season. Outside of the season, she runs 4-6 days a week, and also runs track in the spring. Each day consists of a different workout ranging from 3 to 9 miles. Although the off season isn’t as intense, Bauer also does weight training and CrossFit to stay in shape. 

This winter, she plans to expand her training with a personal trainer 5 days a week. 

“I enjoy running because–especially on long days–I can relax and take time to think to myself,” said Bauer. On training days she enjoys pushing herself to prove what she’s capable of. 

Bauer believes that the team this year is what pushes her to do her best. “All the girls on the team are so sweet to me and to the rest of the team which is just so encouraging.”

“Everyone is just so supportive–all my coaches, and teammates, and past coaches, and past teammates, and family, and friends.”

Her many goals include running for a top 10 Division I college, running as a professional runner, and winning State in cross country and track.

“I want to live up to what people think of me and also to what I think of myself.”

You can catch Bauer racing in the 800m and the 3200m events during spring track season.