The News on MHS Construction


George Koehler

Ready for Steel

George Koehler, Warpath Staff


The new Mariemont High School is underway and being built as you read this.

There is plenty of new information each week and many visual changes to the building constantly as well. As of October 23, below is all the information you need about the construction itself.

The New Crane:

Pictured is the crane, recently set up to help move the soon to come steel into place. Framing is ready to begin. (Photo by Koehler)

– A crane was assembled at the beginning of October.
– It has since been used to help move steel from place to place around the work site.
– It is also used to put the steel beams into place.
– Some might say that it seems dangerous to move such heavy and loose amounts of steel with school still in session less than one hundred yards away. When I asked construction foreman Jesse Busch, he assured me that Turner and the construction group on site are not going to move any loads in the crane above the school or Warrior Way.
– Although the crane may sway above the school, it will not have a “live load” as it does.

Steel & Framing:
– Steel is currently being laid down and put in place.
– The deliveries for the steel started toward the end of September.
– Framing for the building has started since then.


– The majority of the framing for the building is planned to be done within the next couple of weeks in October/November.

Post-Steel Steps:

– The next step after steel is laying the concrete.
– The exterior of the framing will rise as the concrete floors and layers are poured.
– After the exterior framing, the next step is to add the roof.
-If things remain on schedule, we will see the roofing begin in February.

The Junior Lot:

Taken during the construction on the East side of the site, before steel started to be laid or the crane was built. (Photo by Koehler)- The construction/maintenance on the junior lot has been completed since in the second week of October.
– A new sidewalk has been added on the walkway to the lot.
– New asphalt and paving have made things smoother and cleaner.

The Previous Problem with the Junior Lot:
– Runoff water on the hill above the school made the lot unstable in the long run.
– A new drainage system has been put in place and upgraded during the junior lot construction.
– This should keep the flowing water down the hill to a minimum.