Construction Update ; A New Year for the New Mariemont High School


The walls have been added and the structure of the building is really starting to show. PHOTO BY KOEHLER

George Koehler


The new year is starting off, and Turner has been making large strides on the construction of the new Mariemont High School. Turner construction foreman Jesse Busch is holding meeting with the administrators over the summer plan on January 28th. Below are all of the updates from the meeting held on January 9th between Busch and the administrators.

  • Quick Updates
    • Detailing on the braces has started
    • Framers are working on full force
    • Mason will be mobilizing by the end of the month
  • “Penthouse” on top of building
    • The rumors that the room on top of the roof will be a classroom are false
    • The truth about the room is that it will be used for mechanical equipment to power the upper floor of the new school.
  • Finishing the Roof
    • The roof is predicted to be finished by the end of this week
      • January 12th to January 18th
  • First Floor Progress
    • The first floor is currently going under wall inspections
  • Boiler Room Switch
    • Talk of starting to slowly switch over the boiler to the new one has come up
  • Locker Rooms
    • Locker room shutdowns will begin on January 22nd
    • Boys locker room will be delayed as much as possible
    • Girls locker room unfortunately needs to shutdown right on the 22nd

The new year is looking good for the construction of the new high school, stay tuned for more updates about the progress on Mariemont High School.