Will Baseball Be Played In 2020?


Due to COVID-19, Major League Baseball, along with many other sports organizations had to postpone their seasons for the safety and wellbeing of its players and employees. As states begin to re-open, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred and the MLBPA (Major League Baseball Players’ Union) are attempting to plan how a shortened season would work.

The most recent plan was to have “Spring Training 2” start some time in June and have Opening Day on July 1st. However, the planning of a shortened season is not as easy as picking a few dates to play on. The players have to agree with the plan too.

The main concern that the MLBPA has made public is that the players would be risking their lives to play a season that they might not be fully prepared for. While this is a veritable concern, this might not be the real reason the players want to sit out the 2020 season.

Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Blake Snell explained that his reasoning was because he would be taking too many pay cuts. ESPN analyst Jeff Passan explains Snell’s opinion: 

An early proposal was made between the owners and the players that the players would take a 50% pay cut because they would only be playing 50% of the season. Most players were on board with this idea until the owners also asked the players to take another pay cut (many sources have a different percentage ranging from 20-33%) on top of the 50% cut they were already taking. 

The only thing that they players, owners, and the MLB have agreed upon is that safety is of utmost importance. The MLBPA delivered a proposal today that included:

  • Protection for high-risk players and their family members
  • High frequency testing
  • Quick and efficient protocol for people who test positive
  • Increased sanitization
  • Pre and postgame therapy
  • Medical personnel at the stadium

(Proposal info via Jeff Passan)