Legally Blonde – The Musical


Members of the ensemble and Delta Nu’s dancing during the song “What You Want” (PHOTO BY Four J’s Photography)

Olivia Simpson


During the weekend of March 6-8, students from Mariemont High School performed the musical, Legally Blonde

 The show is a 2007 adaption from the movie with the same title, and it follows Elle Woods as she chases a boy to Harvard Law School and ends up discovering herself. The musical is full of lively, full-cast numbers, lovable characters, and the message to chase after your dreams. 

For some, Legally Blonde was their last time on stage, but many felt the show was a fitting ending. 

“I definitely loved the choice,” said senior, Gabby Tollefsen, who acted as Elle Woods. “I felt like it gave a lot of people an opportunity to show off their stuff and it felt like a role I could really embody.” 

Echoing Tollefsen’s sentiment, Shannah Renner, who performed the role of Paulette Buonufonte, Elle’s friend.  She said, “I’m so happy with it. I thought it was so much fun, with there being so many full-cast numbers, there was really good cast bonding.” 

The cast was proud of the final product, and their work.

“I really liked the end result. I think we all came together really well during tech week, especially near the end, and we were all able to put on a really great show,” said sophomore Benny Mithcel. 

Elle Woods (played by Gabby Tollefsen) and members of the Delta Nu dancing (PHOTO BY Four J’s Photography)

English teacher and co-director, Lee Lowery, was pleased.  She said, “I thought it was so good! During tech week, it made me cry. It was so good. So I couldn’t have been prouder or happier about how it turned out.” 

In the end, the show seemed to be a hit, and all the rehearsals seemed to have paid off. 

Members of the cast had been practicing on-and-off since mid-December (auditions were the week of December 9th). And for some of the leads, that time has been filled with rehearsals nearly daily. According to Lowery, for the leads and featured dancers, they would rehearse four hours a day, four to five days a week. For the rest of the cast, they would practice a couple hours a day, two to three days a week. 

The cast will see how their show compared with some of the other high school musicals around the Cincinnati area sometime in early May, for the Cappies Gala. Where awards are chosen by high school critics, from surrounding schools, in categories such as lead actor, supporting actor, vocalist, dancer, makeup, sound, lighting, special effect, and more.