What You Need to Know About AP Tests


Olivia Simpson, Olivia Simpson


On Thur., Apr. 2 and Fri., Apr. 3, the College Board released updates involving AP tests. Below is everything AP students need to know about their exams. 

  • Exams will take place a week later than previously scheduled (will begin on Mon., May 11) and will last two weeks, until Fri., May 22. 
  • They are no longer offering two separate dates to take the exam, as previously stated. 
  • Specific information regarding the format of each exam (type of extended response) and the material covered was released (to see yours click here). 
  • Exams will be open note/open book (for tips by the College Board on how to prep click here). 
  • The exam will consist of one or two extended response questions, where each question will be timed seperately. The exam is 45 minutes long with an additional 5 minutes for uploading. 
  • Students can choose between typing or handwriting their response.
  • They have released online courses and videos (to access click here)
  • For AP world language and culture exams, students will complete two spoken tasks