Opinions on the New School


Students on the stairs of the new hub (BY NATALEE SHRIVER)

Natalee Shriver


As the new school year starts, staff and students have finally gotten a chance to explore the new high school building. From the halls, to the insides of the classrooms, to the cafeteria (The Hub), everything is pretty unique. As students become familiarized with the school, they’ve also formed their opinions about it.

Most people like the new school: “Yeah I like the new school,” said sophomore Katie Price. “Even though we really can’t use them yet, the collaboration areas look like so much fun and a productive work space.”

The Hub seems to be a popular favorite among students. Lizzie Feeney said “The Hub makes the school feel more open.” Katie Price also said it’s the best feature of the new school: “It is really nice and not the boring lunch room that lots of schools have.” 

Another great aspect about the school are the windows. When asked, Jack Bruner said “the layout and the windows are nice, I really like all the natural light.”  

Teachers love the building. Mrs Scribner, Digital Art and Photography teacher, said “ I really love the stairs [in The Hub], they’re beautiful.”

Ann Gilbertson disagreed. Although she likes that the school is easy to navigate, she said the stairs were unnecessary because “The Hub is too big.” 

It is safe to say most students are excited for this upcoming school year and they can’t wait to see the finished product when the other half of the building is finished next year.