A Review on Catan


Catan board game. The hexagonal shaped board allows unique gameplay.

Natalee Shriver, Writer

Catan, previously known as Settlers of Catan, is a game that has been available for play since 1955. It is still one of the best and adventurous board games on the market in 2021.


The concept of the game is simple: successfully build the largest empire and establish colonies on the island of Catan through dice rolling. The sum of the dice determines where you can get helpful items to create a large empire. If your settlement is near one of those locations, then you get a certain number of resource cards. 


Unlike most games, Catan is a game that is hard to get bored with. It requires strategy, as you have to be able to negotiate with other players and use or trade your resources wisely. It also requires some luck with the dice rolling. It’s a perfect mix between skill and luck, which is what makes it fun to play. 


The person with 10 victory points wins the game. In order to earn victory points, you will need to expand your settlement using important resources, like lumber, brick, ore, grain, or wool. There are also cards that will take away an opponent’s turn or take away one of their resources which adds a touch of competitiveness to the game. 


The game is a unique board game that is pretty simple to learn. It only requires 3-6 players and ranges from about $35-50 dollars, depending on what version you buy.