The Logo Change


Photo of Mariemont’s twitter account following the logo change (SCREENSHOT BY SIMPSON)

Olivia Simpson


On Monday, Sep. 14th, the Board of Education made the decision to change the Mariemont logo; the mascot, warriors, and the colors, blue and gold, will remain. 

The decision had been a couple years in the making. Nan Dill, a board member, said, “the Board has been discussing this topic for many years. In fact, when I was first elected, it was a conversation in one of my initial meetings with another board member and people from the district.” 

The decision to change the logo now, as compared to waiting, was spurred on by conversations from the Global and Cultural Committee, discussions about the new school, and talks with alumni. 

However, the logo will be slowly phased out. Dill said, “the Board is committed to phasing out the logo in a fiscally responsible way. Meaning, we will NOT be taking down and/or replacing all the warrior head imaging in the district immediately. It will be a process that will certainly take many months and maybe be even years.”

Renner said the timeline for the phaseout process will be discussed Thursday, Sep. 24th. It will most likely entail easier things– like spirit wear– being changed soon, and more permanent items– like uniforms– being waited out for the typical wear and tear. 

He mentioned,“the flooding of the gym floor couldn’t have worked out better,” for when they fix the floor they can now add the new logo. 

In regards to the new logo, nothing is set in stone and a decision will be made involving students, the community, and alumni. Dill said, “I’m excited to see what our community comes up with and I’m sure we will land on one that represents all the characteristics of a Warrior: Strength, courage, passion, resilience, commitment, etc.”

Beyond the logo change, the district is working towards being more culturally aware. Erica Simmons, the Mariemont Elementary School principal and Director of Equity and Inclusion for the district, said, “we are working to pilot a Student Voices Council for gr. 5-12. We would very much like to engage our community through book studies and some online learning opportunities. We will be conducting an Equity Study/Audit of our district’s practices, and continuing with professional development.”

Currently some members of the staff are reading Stamped by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi. 


Below is the info used by the board members to come to their decision: