The Best Types of Desserts

Natalee Shriver, Writer


15. Pies- These are coming in last place because crust is just not appetizing at all. That’s all I have to say about pie. 

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14. Pudding– It’s just mediocre. Nothing is too special about it. 

13. Sundaes– The fudge can be a lot to handle sometimes. It’s also really sticky and can be too rich sometimes.

12. Cupcakes– Just like cake, except smaller and more disappointing.

11. Rice Krispy Treats–  They’re okay, just the marshmallows carry the whole thing. 

10. Brownies/Fudge– They have to be made well; most of the time they are too dry. 

9. Cake Pops- Also just like a more disappointing version of cupcakes. Bonus points for the creative sphere shape, though.

8. Candy- Candy is great because of the large variety of it. There’s chocolatey, sweet, and super sour. It’s great for everybody. 


7. Popsicles-  It’s a great summer treat and they’re really refreshing. 

6. Ice Cream Cakes/Sandwiches- They are pretty good, but not as good as ice cream by itself.  

5. Cookies- All cookies are good besides Oatmeal Raisin.

4. S’mores – Delightful, but the marshmallow has to be toasted just right or else the whole thing is ruined. 

3. Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt- I also like how large of the variety there is with ice cream or frozen yogurt, and you can put candy on top of it as well as a bunch of other toppings. It’s fun and delicious. 

2. Milkshakes-  It’s just like ice cream only liquid and with whipped cream, what’s not to love.  

1. Cake – Icing is delicious and the texture is fantastic. Everything is pretty great about cake.

Slice of Birthday Cake with a lit candle and ribbons over a blue background. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)