Peaceful Minecraft


Minecraft house built by Cricket Collister (PHOTO BY COLLISTER)

Cricket Collister, Writer


After a difficult day at school, there are many options to help you relax, but which is the enjoyable? Minecraft is my top choice. The game is available on mostly everything: XBOX, Nintendo Switch, and the app store (on the app store, it is 6.99). You can play in two ways: creative or survival. Creative is where you can fly and have all the resources (like water, blocks or the ability to spawn animals). In survival, you have to protect yourself from creatures like Creepers, and gather supplies for yourself.

I personally play creative. By doing this, I am able to work for days on a cool apartment, a hotel or a barn. I release stress by channelling it into creativity, by crafting something in an imaginary world, one that’s up to just me to decide. 

In creative specifically, you are able to take a break from the fast paced world, without any particular goal to achieve. No one needs you to be in any place at any time, no homework is due, and no one is yelling at you to do or be anything. It can be just you and your imagination, building whatever you want. Along with this, the choices are unlimited. Whatever climate, building or world you want to create— you can. With resource packs, you can change the looks, sounds and fonts of your own Minecraft world.  

Overall, Minecraft is helpful for coping with anxiety, and it can boost creativity. While a little expensive for an app, it is worth it for all of its uses. I highly recommend the fun and creative game.