The College Process: After You’ve Been Accepted

Josie Holt


So you applied to college and you got in! Great, good for you! But now what? It’s not necessarily as straightforward as you may think. There are many different aspects to consider, so here’s a comprehensive review of steps you can take to make the process as smooth as possible. 

After Acceptance:

To start, reviewing your colleges is of the utmost importance. Compare which colleges offer scholarships, lower tuition rates, your desired programs, clubs or intramural sports, or any other aspects of college that you desire. I would suggest a pro cons list for this step. Organizing your thoughts in a condensed, easy to read list helps options stand out from the rest and will help in your decision making process. 

Get the Vibe:

Next is getting a better feel for each option. Websites such as, allow you to search for specific colleges and find former or current students reviews of that college. They also answer questions about the general vibe and provide advice about which kinds of students should attend that school. Of course all of this information can also be gathered from college websites, brochures, social media accounts, and much more, so go about it how you feel comfortable with.

All of this is of course for narrowing down your options. Whittling the decision to 2-4 colleges will make the rest of the process much easier as you continue. 


Choosing college is difficult, and oftentimes students decide to wait to apply for scholarships until they know where they’re going. Don’t do this! There are thousands of scholarships that will give you money no matter where you go, apply to as many as you possibly can. The easiest way to find these scholarships is checking college websites, asking a counselor, or simply looking up ‘college scholarships’. 

Putting Yourself Out There:

Great, now you’ve narrowed down your options and applied to some scholarships. Next step is to get familiar with some other students who may attend. FaceBook groups are a great way to meet potential students, friends, and even roommates at certain colleges. Sometimes it really is the bonds and familiarity that draw you to a college. Just look up your college and year of college graduation and request to join. 

You can scroll through other peoples posts, which typically include if they are committed yet, where they’re from, what major they’re planning on studying, and general interests. Most also include pictures and what people are looking for in terms of roommates or friends around campus. Posting one of these yourself is also important if you’re seriously considering that school. Commenting on others peoples posts also generates interest if you’re interested.

In Conclusion:

Of course after all this research, and of course discussing your options with your guardian, you’ll have to make a decision. Don’t stress out too much about small details, remember to enjoy the experience. College is supposed to be an entirely new experience, so try everything you can and reach out to people.