Dive Team 2020-21 Season Recap


Dive Team Seniors (Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Ellie Hunt, Sam Flerlage, Sam Bonnell, Kiersten Souders, and Nathan Cox) (PHOTO FROM @samantha.flerlage)


The Dive team had an impressive season, both as a team and as individuals. Two members (Nathan Cox and Kiersten Souders) qualified for the State Championship and every member of the team qualified in the CHL top ten. Nathan placed first in the CHL, for the boys, (with a score of 442.9). Kierston placed first in the CHL (with score of 315.10), Samantha Bonnell fourth (267.85), Ellie Hunt seventh (194.8), Jill Venderbush eighth (148.65), Jasmine Teeters ninth (136.95), Samantha Flerlage tenth (100.75). 

The team worked hard and their efforts paid off. Jill Venderbush, Senior Diver, said: “Each diver on our team has overcome obstacles. Now that could be, getting a dive they are scared of, going to state, or possibly diving in college. All of those things have been accomplished.” 

Cox, in particular, had an impressive season, where he broke both the Mariemont six and 11 Dive (for more information on Cox’s season check out this article: “Diving D1: Cox Takes on the NCAA Platform”). 

However, all these accomplishments happened under the impact of COVID. Cox said that because of COVID, they didn’t only have to wear masks and social distance, but they “also weren’t able to have any spectators at meets which is unfortunate, especially for parents as it was most of our senior seasons and they couldn’t watch the meets and there was no live stream.”