Scholastic Awards Have Been Announced


A Silver Key painting by Wyatt LeMay titled “Solitude”

Lorilei Blackett


The results for the Scholastic regional awards were announced Friday, January 10th.

26 Mariemont students either won an Honorable Mention, Silver Key, or Gold Key. There were 14 Honorable Mentions, 12 Silver Keys and 7 Gold Keys. According to Scholastic this is what each key means:

Gold Key:

The very best works that were submitted to local programs. Pieces of art that get a Gold Key automatically advance to national judging.

Silver Key:

Stand-out works submitted to local programs that demonstrate exceptional ability.

Honorable Mention:

Accomplished works submitted to local programs showing great skill and potential.

Gold Key

Caroline Dewees-Gold Key-Drawing & Illustration for “Beyond Mountains There Are Mountains”

(Photo by Caroline Dewees) A Gold Key drawing by Caroline Dewees titled “ Beyond Mountains There Are Mountains”

Andrew Foley-Gold Key-Film & Animation for “Samurai Encounter”

Shannon Renner-Gold Key-Painting for “Shadow of Self”

Shannon Renner-Gold Key-Painting for “Glass Castle”

Jayme Rodriguez-Gold Key-Photography for “In the Distance”

(Photo by Jayme Rodriguez)A Gold Key photograph by Jayme Rodriguez titled “In the Distance”

Max Welch-Gold Key-Digital Art for “Spoiled”

A Gold Key digital art piece by Max Welch titled “Spoiled”

Clarice Wilder-Gold Key-Photography for “Seeing Right Through You”

(Photo by Clarice Wilder) A Gold Key Photograph by Clarice Wilder titled “Seeing Right Through You”

Silver Key

Lola Ashinger-Silver Key-Drawing & Illustration for “Ignorance Is Bliss”

Lorilei Blackett-Silver Key-Digital Art for ”Peeling Back The Layers”

Ellis Christ-Silver Key-Digital Art for “Pond time”

Sunny Eversole-Silver Key-Drawing & Illustration for “Leave Me Alone”

Bridget Gilmore-Silver Key-Painting for “Green Bones”

Wyatt LeMay-Silver Key-Painting for ”Solitude”

A Silver Key painting by Wyatt LeMay titled “Solitude”

Connor Lynch-Silver Key-Photography for “Road Trip”

Micah Miller-Silver Key-Digital Art for “Mountains sea city”

Gabriella Newman-Silver Key-Digital Art for “Wardrobe change”

Stephen O’Hara-Silver Key-Photography for “On Track”

(Photo by Stephen O’Hara)A Silver Key photograph by Stephen O’Hara titled “On Track”

Ashley Stahl-Silver Key-Digital Art for “Baby”

Noah Vanags-Silver Key-Photography for “Grazing In The Path Of Life”

Honorable Mention

Lola Ashinger-Honorable Mention-Mixed Media for “Blur”

Quinn Benner-Honorable Mention-Digital Art for ”Christian Yelich”

Sunny Eversole-Honorable Mention-Mixed Media for “The Best Company”

An Honorable Mention mixed media piece by Sunny Eversole titled “The Best Company”

Andrew Foley-Honorable Mention-Film & Animation for “Western Standoff”

Gabriella Newman-Honorable Mention-Photography for “Coffee hands”

Noah Pfaffenberger-Honorable Mention-Photography for “Too Many Options”

Noah Pfaffenberger-Honorable Mention-Digital Art for “Empty Feeling”

Shannon Renner-Honorable Mention-Painting for “Beautiful.”

Melanie Weiss-Honorable Mention-Painting for “Meditative Sunrise”

Tessa Weyer-Honorable Mention-Photography for “Pushing Back”

Connor Wickemeyer-Honorable Mention-Digital Art for “Mclaren”

Clarice Wilder-Honorable Mention-Photography for “Inside Out”

(Photo by Clarice Wilder)An Honorable Mention photograph by Clarice Wilder titled “Inside Out”

Franklin Willis-Honorable Mention-Digital Art for “the sacrament of sin”

Ethan Young-Honorable Mention-Photography for “The Keys of Work”