What it Means to BE BETTER

McKenzie Zobrist


A roar of cheers erupted from the student section on September 28th as the Mariemont football team stormed the field for the homecoming game. Cheers reformed to booing as Indian Hill’s band followed.

According to Stephanie Frey, a senior, “sophomores were supposedly being really bad and calling people names which is not a good representation of our school.”

Following the incident, athletic director, Mr.Nerl, released an announcement on October 1st at 11:21 a.m. addressing the behavior of the student section.

“Students shouldn’t waste their energy on the opponents. Instead, all of that energy should go into our team,” said Nerl.

Students seem to agree with Nerl. Max Megowen, a sophomore who was involved in the chants explained, “We should still be able to have a lively student section where it’s not too hostile. The Indian Hill game was our rival, so that’s why we got so rowdy.”

According to a poll by @mhswarpath_ on Instagram, 41 out of 55 Mariemont students voted that the student section is “appropriately excited” rather than “unsportsmanlike.”

Jalen Thornton, Indian Hill number 10, embracing the ‘boos’ from the Mariemont student section. (PHOTO BY D311ROD)

“I think the other teams that we boo laugh and have fun with it, so as long as we’re not offending them I think it’s okay,” said Lucy Dodson, a sophomore.

Students that voted “appropriately excited” condone the Mariemont student section’s behavior because they believe it is justified. “If we go to Madeira or Indian Hill they would boo us too,” added Dodson.

14 out of 55 students and alumni voted that the student section was “unsportsmanlike” on the same poll by @mhswarpath_ .

Our athletic director discussed the unsportsmanlike behavior at the Indian Hill vs. Mariemont game. Nerl said, “We got feedback not only from students in our own stands but from community members and alumni and it’s just not what we do. We are about being better. Not just because that’s a phrase, but because we want to be better and that just doesn’t sit with who we are.”

Adam Takas, a sophomore, agreed with Nerl and thinks the booing and jeers were inappropriate. “I still think we should have fun and make chants about the other team, but not in a way that’s as offensive to them,” he said.

With the upcoming basketball season, the rowdy student section could carry over.

The student section at the Mariemont vs. Indian Hill game. (PHOTO BY D311ROD)

Students believe that the bleachers during basketball season will be more rambunctious than the football stadium. Frey said, “I think the student section is meaner in basketball season.”

Other students claim that the indoors will tame the crowd. “Hopefully we still have a good, loud crowd, but I do think it will change just because I feel like people feel more supervised indoors,” said Megowen.

What Mr.Nerl wants students and community to take away from the situation is a fun and loud student section without the inappropriate comments.

“I love a loud student section. I want the band with them. I want them chanting and cheering. There’s not a whole lot out of bounds, but I want them to cheer for our guys and girls. I want a big student section at the girls game as well, but I just want everyone to bring energy to the gym with us,” said Nerl.